How do I know which level of hearing aid technology is right for me?

by | Aug 2, 2014 | Hearing Aids

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions. Let us help you find what makes the most sense for your unique listening needs!

Hearing aids come in different styles, colors, and levels of technology. Today we will discuss how to determine which level of technology makes the most sense for your lifestyle. When preparing for your hearing aid evaluation, you should first determine what your listening goals are. For example, is background noise your major concern? Do you have the most trouble with television? Think about your daily lifestyle. Most audiologists will ask you to walk them through a typical day in your life to get a better sense of the sound environments you face regularly. Think about the following situations and if they apply to your life.

  1. Do you work or volunteer?
  2. Do you attend meetings?
  3. Do you enjoy going to the movies, Broadway shows, the opera, etc. ?
  4. Do you often find yourself surrounded by a large crowd (friends, family, etc.)
  5. Do you eat out at restaurants often?
  6. How often are you spending time outdoors?

Knowing more about your lifestyle helps the audiologist recommend a hearing aid that will be right for you. So what is the main difference between the different levels of technology? In my opinion, the main difference is how the hearing aid handles background noise. Most hearing aids will sound the same in quiet but when you add in background noise, a higher level of technology will make all of the difference.

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