I have hearing loss but I am not ready for hearing aids, what should I do?

by | Jul 2, 2016 | hearing loss

If you suspect you have hearing loss but you are not ready for hearing aids, you should still see an audiologist for regular hearing testing. The purpose of regular hearing testing is to monitor and document any changes in hearing over time. Patients seem to be in fear that they will be forced to wear hearing aids if they see an audiologist or hearing aid dispenser. If you ever feel like you are being pressured in to wearing hearing aids by a doctor or dispenser, you should walk away from the office.

In my opinion, hearing aids should only be fit on a patient who WANTS to hear better and you should never feel forced in to wearing amplification. As an audiologist, I feel it is my job to find out which part of the ear is causing the hearing loss, how severe the loss is across the frequency range, how this might impact communication and to make any appropriate recommendations. It is not my job to convince someone to buy hearing aids. When we go to the eye doctor, we don’t worry about the results in fear of getting forced to wear glasses when we aren’t ready for them. I want it to be the same way when you come to the audiologist. You will know when you are ready to improve your hearing. Yes, your family might be pressuring you but they aren’t the ones who have to wear the hearing aids. So what is the moral of the story? Please don’t avoid the audiologist in fear of getting forced to wear hearing aids. If you are being pressured, find a new audiologist. Let’s continue to document how your hearing is changing over time and you will let me know when your hearing loss is starting to impact your life negatively.