Improve clarity on your cell phone with EasyCall II

by | Oct 30, 2014 | Hearing Aids

Do you have hearing loss and have trouble understanding conversation on your cell phone? The Taylor Listening Center is excited about a new product available early 2015 from Phonak called the EasyCall II. The EasyCall II will allow patients to wirelessly hear phone conversation in both hearing aids resulting in incredible sound quality!

Why we are excited: Cell phones can be extremely frustrating for patients with hearing loss. With the push of a button, a cell phone will wirelessly connect to the hearing aids, immediately increasing the clarity of the conversation.

Which phone brands are compatible with EasyCall II? Any phone brand will work with EasyCall II, as long as the phone has Bluetooth capabilities!

Which hearing aids are compatible with Easy Call II? The EasyCall II is designed for Phonak’s newest line of technology called the Venture platform. Phonak is also introducing the EasyCall, which is compatible with the Spice+ and Quest hearing instruments (the two previous platforms).

Stay tuned for more details! The EasyCall II is projected to be available in January of 2015!

Click here to learn more details about the Phonak EasyCall II.

Phonak EasyCall II makes communicating on the phone easier for people with hearing loss.