When should I have my hearing checked if I am not concerned about my hearing right now?

Hearing can be affected by three major factors: genetics, noise exposure, and aging. Patients are encouraged to have a baseline hearing test completed in order to determine if any of these factors have started to diminish hearing, even if the damage is minimal and unnoticeable.

When should I have my hearing checked for a hearing aid?
A hearing test should be scheduled as soon as difficulty hearing is perceived by the patient or is suspected by family members.
What level of hearing should I expect to regain with a Hearing Aid?
A hearing aid is exactly what it says in the name, an AID. Hearing aids are designed to recreate the sensation of normal hearing by only providing amplification at the specific frequencies where deficiencies have been documented. Hearing aids can improve the ability to discriminate in the presence of background noise. Schedule a hearing aid consultation to demo a pair of hearing aids to see just how comfortable and effective the newest technology can be.

How long do hearing aids last?With the right care and maintenance, a hearing aid can last several years. The main reason people purchase new hearing aids is to take advantage of the newest technology, which is always improving.

How much do Hearing Aids Cost?
Hearing aid cost depends on the level of technology selected. All hearing aids have a small computer chip inside and a level of technology is selected with the patient based on their personal needs and goals to fit their lifestyle. An individual who spends their day in a variety of sound environments would most likely require a higher level of technology to keep up with their active lifestyle. A generous amount of time is dedicated to selecting the amplification that is right for each patient. Hearing aids are competitively priced and include a service warranty with the Taylor Listening Center and the hearing aid manufacturer.
What kind of warranty is available?
There are two warranties included with the purchase of a hearing aid at no additional cost. With the service warranty, any hearing aid related appointments are at no cost to the patient. Most hearing aid problems can be fixed right in the office. Hearing aids also come with a limited loss and damage warranty, which protects the patient if devices are lost or broken beyond repair. Most hearing aid companies will only replace a set of hearing aids once, hence the term “limited” warranty.
Are there different kinds of hearing aids?
Is one better than another?Hearing aids come in different styles and colors. The style is selected based on the hearing loss documented and patient preference. The style does not dictate the cost because all models have a small computer chip inside, regardless of what the hearing aid looks like on the outside. Please refer back to the Hearing Aids tab for an overview of the different styles of hearing aids.
What should I do to protect my ears so I won’t need a hearing aid when I’m older?
Though we cannot control the effects of aging and genetics, we can control the level of noise our ears are exposed to. To protect your ears, we recommend limiting the amount of excessively loud noise you expose your ears to. When in the presence of loud noise, use hearing protection as much as possible. Hearing protection includes ear plugs and ear muffs, and when worn correctly, can be extremely effective. The Taylor Listening Center is dedicated to promoting healthy hearing. Please set up an informative session with us to discuss different ways to protect your ears.
At what age should I have a regular “baseline” hearing test?
There is no magical age at which a baseline hearing test should be completed. It is ideal to complete a baseline hearing test prior to perceived hearing loss so it can be used as a reference point to draw comparisons from in the future. After a baseline hearing test is completed, repeat audiological evaluations are recommended on a regular basis to monitor for change.

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