Listen Up Concert Attendees! Protect Your Hearing!

by | Jul 11, 2014 | Hearing Protection

I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable July 4th weekend! For my first blog entry I wanted to discuss a must have item for all concert attenders this summer! CUSTOM HEARING PROTECTION! I never leave home without my custom set when going to a concert. The number one excuse I hear for why people don’t wear hearing protection during a concert is that the plugs distort the music. This is extremely true for certain types of hearing protection but did you know there is a certain plug designed just for concert attendees and musicians?! Concert plugs are custom fit, meaning a mold of the ear is made in the office. This ensures the perfect fit. The main feature which sets this protection apart from the foam plugs is the tiny filter in them designed to bring the overall volume down to a safe level. Evenly reducing the frequencies to a safe volume equals amazing sound quality! While wearing the plugs you are even still able to enjoy conversation! My favorite part about wearing hearing protection is taking them out at the end of the show and not hearing ringing in my ears! Let’s make it our goal to protect our hearing this summer. Parents….invest in a set for your children! Insist that they wear them! Noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) can be prevented but we have to take the necessary steps to avoid damaging our ears! The first step is consulting with an Audiologist to determine which type of hearing protection is right for you. A baseline hearing test should also be completed in order to document if dangerous levels of noise have already started to impact the auditory system.

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