Complimentary On-Site Hearing Screening Program

Hearing screenings are important to include in your company’s wellness program! Untreated hearing loss can negatively impact your employees’ ability to effectively communicate with clients and customers. At the Taylor Listening Center we offer a complimentary on-site hearing screening program, making it easy for your business to encourage healthy hearing in the workplace.

Here are the details about our program!

Which businesses can take advantage of our screening program?

Any business in the Baltimore area!

What will this cost your business?

This service is currently complimentary so there will be no charge!

What does a hearing screening entail?

Our licensed audiologist will start by examining the ear canal with an otoscope to check for debris blocking the ear drum or signs of infection. Next, the audiologist will place headphones on the participant and ask them to raise their hand when they hear a faint beep. Beeps of various frequencies will be presented at 20 decibels (normal hearing) to check if hearing is normal or abnormal. If abnormal hearing is suspected, the audiologist will make the recommendation for a full audiological evaluation, a service that is covered by insurance. All employees will be given documentation of their results.

Who performs the hearing screening?

One of our licensed audiologists!

Is there a minimum participant requirement?

We currently do not have a minimum requirement. We have screened at businesses with only 4 employees and have also screened at businesses with over a hundred employees!

How long do the screenings take?

Each screening takes less than 5 minutes. Our schedule coordinator, Tanya, will help you determine how much time to set aside for the screenings and will suggest passing around a sign-up sheet with different time slots so employees can plan accordingly.

What supplies is required by the business?

We just need a quiet room with a door that can be shut along with a table, two chairs and an outlet so we can plug our audiometer into a power source.

Are employees required to follow up with Taylor Listening Center if abnormal hearing is found?

Not at all! Our goal is to make people aware of their hearing status and they can follow-up with an audiologist that is conveniently located to them. We do however encourage people to follow-up with an audiologist and not a hearing aid dispenser.

Who has participated in the past?

We have performed screenings for major companies such as DLA Piper, Offut Kurman Law Offices, 1st Mariner Bank, Residential Title, PSA Financial, Baltimore County Public Schools, and many others!!

I am interested in setting up a screening, how should I proceed?

Please call our office (443) 544-7555 or email us at We look forward to helping your business promote a healthy hearing atmosphere!

Dr. Taylor conducting hearing screenings at Temple Oheb Shalom.

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