Hearing Conservation- Custom Hearing Protection

It is no surprise that exposure to dangerous levels of noise can cause permanent hearing loss. It is estimated that 26 million Americans between the ages of 20 and 69 have hearing loss that may have been caused by exposure to noise. Noise is everywhere. It can be found in the work setting or during leisurely activities such as attending a concert or going hunting. The bottom line is that noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) in most cases is preventable. At the Taylor Listening Center, we want to help you protect your hearing. Come in for a hearing conservation consultation!

Your hearing conservation consultation will include:

1. Detailed hearing health questionnaire, be prepared to discuss past noise exposure!
2. Baseline hearing testing to check for damage already caused by noise.
3. Discussion of all results on our high-definition patient monitor.
4. Recommendations on how to avoid noise-induced hearing loss.
5. If necessary, we will take impressions of the ear canals for custom hearing protection. At this step, the patient gets the opportunity to customize their hearing protection by choosing from a variety of styles and colors. See below for our complete list of hearing protection offered at the Taylor Listening Center.

Hearing protection offered at the Taylor Listening Center:

*Custom swim plugs

Great for avid swimmers who do not like getting water in their ears, individuals prone to ear infections from swimming, patients with P.E. tubes currently in their ears.

*Custom surf plugs

Designed to keep cold water and cold air out o the ear canal with the ability to still hear conversation

*Custom plugs for Motorsports

Designed to be worn under a helmet, helps to eliminate wind noise

*Concert plugs

Our most popular custom hearing protection. Great for musicians and concert attendees. The filters help to maintain great sound quality so you are able to enjoy music at a safe volume. Perfect for all ages!

*Sleep plugs

Does you partner snore? Is your neighbor blasting music at all hours? These are designed for maximum comfort and to eliminate unwanted sounds while sleeping.

*Hunter noise protection

Ideal for hunting environments where a low number of shots are fired, allows you to still hear important environmental sounds while protecting your hearing.

We also offer mp3 player custom earphones, great for working out or ears that are too small or too large for generic “one size fits all” earphones.

For more information on the products listed above, please visit www.westone.com

Custom Swim Plugs

This patient has great taste! Hearing protection representing the Baltimore Orioles and the Baltimore Ravens! Which color would you pick!?

We love hunters who protect their hearing! Custom hunting protection in camo color!

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