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“PLEASE IF YOU ARE READING THIS….BOOK. THE. APPOINTMENT. Dr. Taylor & Dr. Bishop are A-MAZ-ING. SO kind and SO patient. I crossed state lines just to be saved by them. They were able to see me right away and talked me through each step for my comfort. If I could give them 1000 stars, I would. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!! Will definitely be back and referring everyone I know to the TLC!!!”

Female, Delaware Age 23 (Wax Removal Patient)

“I recently relocated to Baltimore and as a long-time hearing aid user; I needed to find a new audiologist. By chance, I found Taylor Listening Center as I searched offices in the area. I found Dr. Taylor to be one of the friendliest, most knowledgeable, and professional audiologists I have met to date. I recently purchased an expensive pair of hearing aids from another audiologist but ended up not being able to wear them even after repeated attempts to calibrate them correctly. Not only did Dr. Taylor patiently listen to and address all of my questions/concerns, but she also went out of her way to make sure the hearing aids worked the way I needed them to. I could not be happier with the level of support provided here and would highly recommend Dr. Taylor to anyone.”

Female, Baltimore Age 55

“Dr. Taylor is compassionate and knowledgeable. After years of dealing with hearing loss and being told that there was nothing that could be done to help me, Dr. Taylor was able to quickly diagnose me and find a solution that could! So excited to be able to take my hearing aids out for a real world test drive. As someone under 50 that suffers from hearing loss, this has truly been well worth the visit! The entire staff here is awesome and I would highly recommend them.”

Female, Baltimore, Age 41

“I met Dr. Taylor at a health fair. She was very charming and pleasant. She introduced herself and the services that Taylor Listening Center provided. I made an appointment and the rest is history. I love the office atmosphere and the wonderful service. Tanya is a great administrator. She always welcomes you with a smile. If you want great service and to work with a wonderful staff, Taylor Listening Center is for you!”

Female, Baltimore, Age 57

“I want to take a moment to share with the readers my experience in getting hearing aids and with TLC. Lengthy review but I promise it is useful. I went to a mid-size hearing aid company – Hearing Solutions and they told me the only way to determine the amount my insurance will cover was to order the aids. I express I was not ready to commit and they assured me this would not be a problem. When the aids came in I declined them due to the cost. The company said that was not a problem. The end right? No!! A year and a half later I contacted BCBS to check my benefits and they said I purchased hearing aids 18 months ago through Hearing Solutions. The check was issued and cashed said BCBS. I called the company and got a MAJOR runaround and weeks later they sent BCBS a check. No apology or explanation. I then went to a larger company in Annapolis associated with AUDIGY. Was pressured to get the STARKEY brand and order them that day. I wanted OTICON and they gave me a quote. All this bundling and extras twirled my head. Did not order and a week later went to TLC. What a difference in approach and explanation of hearing aids. I felt very confident TLC was an honest company. To support that impression, Dr. Taylor’s quote was several HUNDREDS lower than that of the Annapolis Company. Dr. Taylor was so professional and took the time I needed to know all my options. No pressure at all. I ordered OTICONS and I LOVE THEM. These aids are life-changing. I know TLC will support me through this transition period and beyond. Take Away… I feel the larger Audiological companies pressure their staff to sell and to sell a specific company (rebates) and don’t let a sale walk out the door without a contract. Advice – Take your time, research on line and shop around (could save you hundreds). Or just go to TLC!”

Female, Baltimore, Age 60

“After procrastinating for over 6 years, mainly out of vanity, I decided to visit Emily Taylor, after hearing many people say such wonderful things about her. I was not disappointed. She is a competent, caring, very warm and kind individual. She made me feel very comfortable (I feel like I’ve known her for years). The office has state-of-the-art equipment, and everything is computerized. My hearing aid (I only wanted one) is virtually undetectable. I am very happy that I chose Emily.”

Female, Baltimore, Age 70

“As I have aged the various professionals I have dealt with through the years have retired. I have often been compelled to seek treatment from young, not always skillful, practitioners. However, my luck changed when I encountered the Taylor Listening Center. The entire process from testing, evaluation, to instructions for insertion of my “new ears” was painless, pleasant, and productive. I found Dr. Taylor’s patience, expertise, and quiet efficiency to be very refreshing. Thank you for this positive experience.”

Female, Baltimore, Age 84

“WOW! What a difference an audiologist and her office can make! About 3 1/2 or 4 years ago I visited another hearing center where I felt quite uncomfortable and experienced much mental distress and frustration both during the administration of the hearing test itself and in the discussion of the results that followed. It was with trepidation and a sense of somewhat fearful anticipation that I first entered The Taylor Listening Center some 2 years ago.

Immediately, I felt at ease! The practice administrator was just as warm and friendly in person as she had been when I scheduled my appointment.
Dr. Emily Taylor came out to greet me and take me back to her office right at my scheduled appointment time. She has the innate ability to make you feel comfortable immediately.. After a few brief minutes of conversation, I felt as though I had known her my entire life. I felt .as though I was visiting a friend rather than a clinician.

When Dr. Taylor was about to administer the hearing test, I was quite nervous, remembering back to my initial experience at the other hearing center. Much to my amazement and delight, this hearing test, efficient and thorough, took only a few minutes to complete. I experienced NONE of the distress and mental anguish that I had encountered at the other office.

Upon completion of the testing, Dr. Taylor explained the results and presented various options to me. She was very kind and understanding. I felt no pressure to make a decision before I left her office.

It is now two years later. I just revisited Dr. Taylor about two weeks ago. My hearing test was again thorough and complete taking just a few minutes to administer. Again I felt NO stress or frustration. Again Dr. Taylor was warm, kind, and very knowledgeable. This time I left with a pair of hearing aids which I am happy to report are working well. I have noticed NO background noise, have turned down the volume on both the TV and radio, and my daughter tells me that this is the first time in years that I have been able to talk to her on the phone and not have her repeat or spell anything.

If you are having a hearing issue or just need a baseline check, I say run don’t walk to Dr. Emily Taylor at The Listening Center. You will find a warm, friendly, and very personal atmosphere and experience. In Dr. Emily Taylor you will find a dedicated, conscientious, and very knowledgeable audiologist who will treat you with respect and make you feel as though she is treating a member of her own family.”

Female, Pikesville Age 65

“I had the pleasure of having my hearing tested at TLC yesterday and haven’t stopped telling people about it since! Dr. Taylor and her office manager are absolutely wonderful. The test was actually enjoyable….loved seeing the results and even though I’m not ready for hearing aids, Dr. Taylor let me try some on – these are NOT my grandmother’s hearing aids – they were extremely comfortable and I could barely see the thin little clear piece of tubing that rested comfortably in my ear. I’m actually looking forward to getting them one day (as strange as that may sound). I’m so happy to have come to The Taylor Listening Center and look forward to another visit next year!”

Female, Pikesville, Age 55

“I was able to schedule an appointment for my 9-year-old son, myself, and my mother to obtain hearing tests. Dr. Taylor was able to work around our crazy and inconvenient schedules. Besides the office being absolutely beautiful, we were greeted by name and handled with the warmest, most patient care, even my 9-year-old who wanted to know about each button on each machine. EVERYONE should have their hearing tested, especially as a baseline for the future. Thank you Dr. Taylor and staff at the Taylor Listening Center for such great service!”

Female, Randallstown, Age 26

“The staff at Taylor Listening Center are absolutely amazing!
Scheduling an appointment was very easy and we were seen the next day for a standard hearing test. The audiologist was such an amazingly nice person and she calmed many of the fears that I had while being tested. She took plenty of time to explain everything that was to be expected and and even shared some personal stories that made me feel very at ease.
Sometimes the biggest fear with an exam like this is just not knowing what to expect. My experience from the time we walked in until the time we walked out was one in which I told the audiologist that I wish there was one of her in every medical type office setting. Her expressions of compassion and caring have long since left most of the medical care we experience these days and I for one, miss the old days and fantastically nice folks like what we experienced at TLC.
I highly recommend them based upon my experience and am very happy to have received the results of my exam immediately after it was completed. Other offices I called gave me waiting times from a couple weeks to a month or more.
TLC doesn’t just “fit you in”, they welcome you with smiles and courtesy.

Male, Baltimore, Age 49

 “I took my 90 year old dad to Emily the first time in December 2014 after seeing another audiologist in the area. My dad has become blind, so we are dealing with many changes and issues to keep him as independent as possible. He was initially extremely resistant to getting hearing aids. Emily was able to break the barrier and guide him into an understanding and willingness to try them. Every appointment, every question, every roadblock has been handled with professionalism, care, kindness, genuine concern, and compassion to make sure that my dad is able to utilize his hearing aids to the maximum. Tonya is always welcoming and helpful with appointments. What’s more, the social awareness and charitable donations from fees rendered are remarkable and extremely generous. I highly recommend Dr. Emily Taylor at Taylor Listening Center.”

Female, Baltimore Age 55

“Three years ago I bought top-of-the-line hearing aids in another city. I was very unhappy with these devices even after they attempted to make them better. When I decided to be proactive and seek help closer to home, I went to the Taylor Listening Center and received the best service ever. Dr. Taylor gave me an excellent hearing test better than I had ever had over the years. Instead of buying new aids, she suggested that we improve my current pair. I finally enjoy wearing my hearing aids. She made it clear that she wanted to help improve my hearing. I recommend her as a caring, well-trained audiologist.”

Male, Baltimore, Age 35

“This is my first review ever. After dozens of failed visits to another Audiologist Dr. Taylor was able to correct my hearing issues in several short visits. TV, music, business meetings and my wife all sound crystal clear again. I can’t recommend Dr. Taylor & her staff enough.
Thanks for caring!”

Male, Baltimore Age 52

“I have to give a towering endorsement to Dr. Taylor for her overall professionalism. As a professional mobile disc jockey, I have spent decades in front of too many amplifiers and speakers, and my career has taken its toll on my hearing. Dr. Taylor not only diagnosed the problems that I am having with my hearing, but had custom made ear filters fitted for me, and they have made a tremendous difference in not only protecting the hearing that still remains but in enhancing my vocal abilities due to the fact that I can once again hear my own voice clearly while working. I would highly recommend Dr. Taylor to anyone but especially to all entertainment professionals who wish to prolong their careers.”

President/Owner Golden Productions

“Came out to TLC to have my first hearing test, and very glad I did. Excellent experience! Definitely worth doing on a yearly basis.”

Male, Baltimore, Age 29